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   This week St. Raymond School is proud to join our Nation in the celebration of Catholic Schools Week.  As usual, it is a special time full of fun educational activities for our students and their families.  Below is a daily schedule of what's planned.  Hopefully we will be blessed with an exciting week of learning and fun.  

Catholic Schools Week 2016

Monday, 2/1              GAME DAY – Students may wear their favorite “TEAM” jersey or sweatshirt with the uniform as well as their sneakers for the day; Baked ziti at lunch; Chorus after school.

Tuesday, 2/2           BRAIN CHALLENGE for K-4 @ 8:15 and 5-8 @ 9:20; Deli sandwiches at lunch; Junior Art Club for 4-8 after school; Parish Children’s Choir from 5-6 PM in the auditorium

Wednesday, 2/3   BUDDY DAY – Students will meet with their “buddies” shortly before lunch.  They will complete an activity, share their MCDONALD’S LUNCH (kindness of the PSA) and enjoy some BINGO games.  All students are asked to bring a non-perishable food item for our Parish Social Ministry.  There are also BAND lessons in the morning with FULL BAND at 8:00 AM.

Thursday, 2/4        PAJAMA DAY – Students, teachers and staff may come to school in their pjs and, as we get comfy, they can spend some time with DEAR (Drop Everything And Read).  There will be a DRESS REHEARSAL for the TALENT SHOW for the students at 10 AM; Hot pretzels at lunch; Math Enrichment for 8th Graders at lunchtime; TALENT SHOW at 7:00 pm in the auditorium

Friday, 2/5              TEACHER APPRECIATION DAYWear Red Day (All are asked to wear something red with the uniform and to make a donation to the American Heart Association – As usual, checks can be made payable to the school); Closing mass for CSW at 8:45 AM following by a healthy breakfast snack for each class; 11:30 AM dismissal for the school; Appreciation luncheon for the staff; SPECIAL PERSONS DANCE @ 7:00 PM in the school cafeteria.


Principal's corner and announcements

Principal’s Corner…for January 31, 2016

Today St. Raymond School joins Catholic schools throughout the United States in celebrating Catholic Schools Week 2016.  This is a very special week for our students with activities and events planned for each of the days.  If you ask any of our children, I would guess that Catholic Schools Week is the favorite week of the year.  Let me give you an idea why they may feel this way.

The week, of course, begins on Sunday with our OPENING MASS at 9:00 AM followed by an OPEN HOUSE in the school till about 1:00 PM.  During that time there’s a chance for folks (new and old) to visit the classrooms, share in breakfast in the cafeteria (thanks to the Knights of Columbus), and have the opportunity to ask questions of our faculty and parents.  You can be sure that there will be plenty of our students’ work displayed for all to see!

We have identified Monday as “Game Day” and have scheduled our classes to participate in sports activities in the gym and play the Math Games that our sixth graders have designed.  Tuesday brings back a favorite (thanks to the Parent School Association) – “BRAIN CHALLENGE”, a game show setting that has teams of students answering academic questions and participating in physical challenges.  Wednesday is “BUDDY DAY” complete with a McDonald’s lunch shared with the “buddies”. Our annual TALENT SHOW is scheduled for Thursday and Friday offers the closing mass at 8:45 AM, an early dismissal, a luncheon for the teachers and staff, and a culminating “SPECIAL PERSONS DANCE” in the evening.  WOW!! It’s quite a busy week.

As we are all aware, our Holy Father Pope Francis has identified this “jubilee year” as the Year of Mercy.  In keeping with that theme we are incorporating various Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy in all that we’re doing in the school.  This past week we sponsored a BLOOD DRIVE (thanks so much to all who came to donate blood and save a live).  This week (Wednesday) we are asking our children to donate a non-perishable food item to our Parish Social Ministry pantry and on Friday we are hoping to help our the American Heart Association with their annual “WEAR RED DAY” by making a monetary gift to the organization and wearing red!

Once again I am going to beg you to please follow the directions for drop-off in the morning.  I know that it may be an inconvenience to some, but it’s really important for the safety of all that children be dropped at the door – NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LOT!  Now that the weather has shown its fury and the lot is often covered with ice and snow, it is even more important.  Children and adults can easily slip and fall – even in the path of a moving car.  I really don’t want to witness that kind of accident. I know that the babies in Nursery and Pre-K need to be brought into the building, but again I ask you to please WAIT until the rest of the school is in before walking them across the lot and into the building.  One more thing – PLEASE in coming into the lot in the morning, GO AGAINST THE ARROWS.  I cannot tell you how many times I have watched folks drive in following the arrows and almost hitting the parents dropping students off at that door.  THANK YOU from the children and me!

Here’s a scheduled look at the week:

  • Monday – GAME DAY; Baked ziti at lunch; Chorus after school
  • Tuesday – BRAIN CHALLENGE;HEPP classes for 1-4;  Deli sandwiches at lunch; Junior Art Club for 4-8 after school; Parish Children’s Choir from 5-6 PM in the auditorium
  • Wednesday – Band lessons with Full Band at 8:00 AM; BUDDY DAY; McDonald’s lunch
  • Thursday – 8th Grade Math Enrichment at lunchtime; Hot pretzels for lunch; TALENT SHOW at 7:00 PM (dress rehearsal for the students during the day)
  • Friday – SCHOOL MASS @ 8:45 AM; WEAR RED DAY; Early dismissal at 11:30 AM; SPECIAL PERSONS’ DANCE

Happy Catholic Schools Week!!



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