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Grade 6:
Thursday 2/25  Language Arts and Math
Friday 2/26 Social Studies and Literature
Monday 2/29 Science

Grade 7:
Thursday 2/25 Literature
Friday 2/26 Social Studies and Science
Monday 2/29 Math and Language Arts

Grade 8:
Thursday 2/25 Science
Friday 2/26 Social Studies and Language Arts
Monday 2/29 Literature and Math

Principal's corner and announcements

Principal’s Corner…for February 7, 2016


WOW, what a week it was!!  I don’t believe that there is a student in the school who would complain about having a bad week.  Each day was filled with fun and excitement as special Catholic Schools Week activities were combined with regular classes.  Thanks to all who helped make the week so enjoyable.  Special thanks to all members of the Parent School Association for all that they did ALL week long.  We certainly also want to acknowledge our St. Raymond’s Knights of Columbus and their Ladies Auxiliary who helped prepare and serve the delicious breakfast at our open house; our School Board members for their welcoming spirit to all our visitors; and, of course, our students for sharing stories and information about the school.  God bless you all!


We are also most grateful to all the folks who helped us with the school BLOOD DRIVE.  We were delighted at the end of the day to be credited with 77 pints of blood.  We may never know who the recipients were, but we can be sure that several folks benefited from our donations.  Thank you so much for helping to save lives!


Now is the time for registration for the 2016-2017 school year.  Anyone interested in registering for next year can contact the school office at 593-9010 to set up an appointment for a tour of the school and to complete the paperwork.  Children for Nursery School must be three years old by December 1, 2016; Pre-School children must be four years old by that date; and Kindergarteners must be five years old.  Please be aware that there is a class size limit for our Nursery and Pre-Schools and those classes fill quickly. 


Lent begins this week and our classes will again alternate turns attending the 8:45 Mass each week day during the Lenten season.  Let’s take a look at this week before the WINTER BREAK (2/15-19):

  • Monday – Baked ziti; Student Council at lunchtime; Chorus after school in the Music Room
  • Tuesday – HEPP  classes for 1-4; Deli sandwiches; Math Olympiads for 4-6 after school; Junior Art Club for K-3 after school; Parish Children’s Choir from 5-6 PM in the auditorium
  • Wednesday – ASH WEDNESDAY; Band lessons with FULL BAND at 8:00 AM; Pizza day; Math Olympiads for 7-8 after school
  • Thursday – Kindergarten to 8:45 Mass; Hot pretzels at lunch; Math Enrichment for Grade 8 at lunchtime
  • Friday – Grade 8 to 8:45 Mass; Bagel day


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